Wingate Internet Proxy

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Wingate Internet Proxy

Postby azhar » Jul 26 11 11:17 pm


I have downloaded wingate and installed it on a machine to evaluate.
Now I wanted to configure it such that my users do not need to configure their browsers.
I want to use it as a transparent proxy that is:

My internet router is a Juniper (
All client machines by default are configured to use as Gateway.
I want that all request that goes to the Juniper on port 80 be redirected my Wingate test machine ( except the proxy itself.
My Wingate machine has only 1 network interface.

The networking guy told me the above scenario can be done though WCCP.
I do not want to use wingate as a Gateway.

Does wingate support WCCP protocol? Any ideas or suggestion welcome.

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Re: Wingate Internet Proxy

Postby adrien » Jul 26 11 11:58 pm

Hi WinGate does not support WCCP, however if you forward port 80 traffic to its MAC address, it will still intercept the connections and pipe them through the web proxy.

Even with 1 NIC.


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Re: Wingate Internet Proxy

Postby aeron127 » Aug 27 19 5:30 pm

Hi Adrien,

I have the same problem with my cisco router. What i did is configure policy base routing forwarding port 80 to wingate but it did not work.

Do i need to configure anything in wingate ?
Or do you have configuration guide that we can follow.

Thank you in advance.

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Re: Wingate Internet Proxy

Postby adrien » Oct 08 19 3:20 pm


Sorry for the delay in replying

For WinGate to intercept the connections that were routed via it, you need several things.

1. WinGate needs to have its network driver installed.
2. The WWW proxy needs to be configured to intercept connections

Alternatively if your cisco can redirect (as in rewrite the target IP to the WinGate IP) then you can get this working with the server request handling in the proxy (set web server settings to forward proxy based on host header).


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