Stopped service non lan share

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Stopped service non lan share

Postby alescan » Aug 24 21 8:25 pm

Hello everyone,
I just installed wingate but when i stopped the service because I set the wrong user database the lan smb share stopped working (i don't know if there was other issues but i don't thimk i wanna know).
When restarted the service everything go back to normal.
I just installed the software to test it as a local proxy, so it's very likely that i have to stop service if i make mistakes. How can i prevent this from happening again?

Thank you
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Re: Stopped service non lan share

Postby adrien » Aug 25 21 4:17 pm


This is most likely to do with firewalling.

By default WinGate's firewall is operable even before the WinGate service starts. The default action for incoming packets (drop or not) depends on what the driver thinks the interface is connected to (your LAN, or the internet). In cases where you're using non-private IP addresses on your LAN, WinGate may be dropping incoming packets.

Private addresses are: - - -

The most commonly used range in LANs is the 192.168.X.X range, which gives you 65000 addresses to play with in 255 class C subnets.

If you're only using WinGate for a proxy, you could remove the WinGate Network Adapter. This is in the network adapter properties in the OS.


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Re: Stopped service non lan share

Postby alescan » Aug 26 21 2:35 am

Yes it worked, thank you very much.
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