PAC file uploading or location

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PAC file uploading or location

Postby jj007 » Aug 26 21 7:07 am

I have created a PAC file and was wondering where do I upload or place the file on the system that WinGate is installed on. I tried to see if there is a default pac file and tried accessing http://ipAddr/proxy.pac, where i was requested to authenticate, but I am getting a Request denied with my Administrator credentials. Bottomline....just needing help to know where to place my PAC file on the system.
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Re: PAC file uploading or location

Postby adrien » Aug 26 21 5:13 pm


The easiest way to get PAC file working is to edit the file


This is a template that has replaceable parameters, which means for example if you have multiple network adapters in WinGate it will send back the correct IP and port for the service to the client.

The URL to request it should end in "wpad.dat", rather than proxy.pac.

If you want your file to be called proxy.pac, you need to get WinGate to serve this (as a web server) which requires WinGate effectively having a website it is serving. This is possible, but more work.
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