Wingate Access Rules Data Files

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Wingate Access Rules Data Files

Postby traxtech » Sep 04 21 12:48 am

I created an Access Rule for Reverse Proxy which denies access to all sites and categories except the sites hosted here. This rule functioned just as intended until yesterday. We had a long, complete power failure and the power backup units ran out of battery before the power was restored. For some reason, the Wingate PC did not shut down properly.

Since then, a few of the sites listed in the rule are now blocked by Wingate, citing the Revers Proxy Rule that was created. I have edited the rule, removing and re-entering the sites affected a couple of times, with no luck. What is the name of the file where these rules are stored / applied? Is is possible to recover this file from an earlier system backup and copy it to the current system to restore operation of the rule? Will deleting the rule and retyping all of the sites (no big deal, just want it to function after I do it) create a new rule from scratch, which would restore what we had?

Thanks for any insite.....

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Re: Wingate Access Rules Data Files

Postby traxtech » Sep 04 21 1:46 am


I created another rule just above the first rule (Deny all access except to our sites) allowing access to only the sites that now do not work with existing rule. All sites are now accessible, but I would still like to know where those files are and if I can backup and restore or manually modify them easily. No idea about why the original rule stopped honoring the seemingly random entries. Maybe if I could examine the file, I could rind out why.

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Re: Wingate Access Rules Data Files

Postby adrien » Sep 06 21 11:47 am

Hi David

All WinGate settings are stored in the system registry.

You can use regedit to export the key under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Qbik Software\WinGate and if you could email that to we can have a look and see what was preventing the rule from working.

The subkey relating to those rules is

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Qbik Software\WinGate\WebActivity\Rules

The sites will be in the subkey called Locations. I wonder if they were corrupted somehow.


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