PureSight Configuration is empty

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PureSight Configuration is empty

Postby rodrigorodrigues » Jul 22 11 3:06 am

Hi, I'm using trial version of the Wingate and PureSight, everything is fine except of the PureSight Configuration is empty, there is no any option to set in it, how can I access the setting of the PureSight?

There is the pint screen of the problem
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Re: PureSight Configuration is empty

Postby adrien » Jul 22 11 9:41 am


We're completely overhauling how PureSight works for WinGate 7 - the current download is functional, but needs some documentation.

It's actually possible to control PureSight, but you need to know where to look.

PureSight registers with the permissions system for each category, so if you look in Control Panel > Permissions, you'll see a PureSight object, and you can expand it out to show all the categories.

This is how you can set who can view content of what category.

It also extends the web session object with a PureSight member, so in all web-related events there is now a Session.PureSight object, which has some members which allow you to turn it on / off per request, e.g. in a web policy

Session.PureSight.Enabled = false

Also, when a classification is made (PureSight recognises content as some category) an event is pushed, this can be handled by policy to override behaviour.

What we're doing for the next release of 7 is building a web classification framework into WinGate itself, so just the core WinGate will allow you to:

a) define categories (hierarchically - tree)
b) define rules about who can view content of what category and when (sort of like a simplified WinGate 6 policy just for web). This is a table of allow / deny rules.
c) Manually classify sites

PureSight will fit into this system as a classification provider, so the web activity system will ask all providers if they know about a site, and the manual classifier can respond and or PureSight, and or any future classifier we may write (such as a DB-based one, or something that downloads a list, or gets the data from somewhere else).


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Re: PureSight Configuration is empty

Postby espengongo » Nov 02 16 9:00 pm

Dear All,
I would like to know if I can install trial licenses of Puresight and kaspersky on the fully licensed wingate enterprise to let the customer appreciates the product and decides on purchasing license.
I would like to know what will happen when the license period is over and the client didn't buy a valid license. Does this will impact the operation of wingate? Will it be possible to uninstall these options to keep the wingate operation?

Best regards,

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Re: PureSight Configuration is empty

Postby adrien » Nov 03 16 9:33 am


when the trial completes, if there is no license, then they will stop functioning, but WinGate will continue to operate, it just won't scan.

Rule operation will alter because of loss of classification data.

However you should know that PureSight is being phased out, since there is no PureSight 64 bit SDK to allow us to migrate it to WinGate 9. We are finalising a replacement product.
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