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All data blocked

Postby mkobald » Feb 17 09 8:52 am

We have developed a problem since installing Wingate 6.5 and the latest plugin updates. Once in a while (so far 3 times in 3 weeks) Wingate suddenly starts blocking all email with the following message sent to the administrator:
WinGate DataScanning has blocked the following message:

From: "Mike Kobald" <>
To: <>
Subject: Testing to wingate
Size: 0 bytes
Reason: Content blocked. Kaspersky AntiVirus 2.0 for WinGate blocked 0000241533. There was an unexpected failure scanning file.

Please contact the Administrator ( ) to release this email.

We have had our Canadian service provider (CCsoftware) have a look at this and get it going again but without an explanation of the cause. Is this a known issue that is being looked at or is there some problem with our installation?

Let me know if there is more info that you need about our installation.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Re: All data blocked

Postby adrien » Feb 17 09 4:16 pm

Hi Mike

When this happens, it usually means the KAV engine has got itself into a bit of a state - usually relating to updates.

We are noticing this more frequently, and unfortunately the only cure so far is to reboot.

I'm currently working on a new version of their SDK which works quite differently, so hope we can release a new KAV soon which won't suffer from this.


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Re: All data blocked

Postby alyork » Feb 18 09 7:57 am

"Bit of a state" You aren't kidding. We've recently had KAV eat up 50 -90% of our server on some types of file downloads. Usually small less than 5 meg files. Sometimes can fix it by killing the browser or the task on the server.
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Re: All data blocked

Postby adrien » Feb 18 09 10:57 am

what we are seeing is that the mem usage by the KAV engines is growing as their signature database grows, at a much higher rate than in the past.

For years it ran around 25 - 40MB, now it's over 100MB per engine. It has a copy of the entire library in each engine.

the new version shares the library, so has a much smaller memory footprint. When mem usage grows, you start getting things like disk swapping etc which can really slow things a lot.

Scanning very large files has also been a problem, esp if they contain executable modules and you have heuristic scanning turned on. This can chew a lot of resource and time to scan.
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