Free license increased to 10 users

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Free license increased to 10 users

Postby adrien » May 27 16 6:12 pm

Hi everyone.

Today (27 May 2016) we extended our free license from 3 to 10 users.

Primarily this is because the increased use of IP-connected devices was making the 3 user license insufficient for a lot of scenarios.

We view the free license market as a competitive market, and we're not ashamed to say that if someone will only use a free license, we would rather it be a WinGate free license.

Anyone currently using the free 3 user license can simply re-activate it to obtain access to the extra users.

This new free license is usable back to WinGate 7.2, since the license size is done on our activation servers.
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Re: Free license increased to 10 users

Postby ChadRA » Oct 21 17 8:37 am

Hi Adrian, I am a long time home user of Wingate (since v3) and prior to the increase of free 10 user license had a license for the 6 user std version. I am very happy that the increase for free 10 users happened and really appreciate you listening and adapting to the times when *everything* now seems to be wifi enabled, but it seems that the other licensing options may have not kept "up with the times" where they seem quite redundant, for example:
WinGate Standard 6 concurrent users $109.95
WinGate Standard 12 concurrent users $199.95

Is there anyone who has a "Standard 6 concurrent user" license (or even 12) when the free version allows 10 users already?

I was looking at the licensing again since I am regularly hitting the 10 "user" limit even with rules in place for things like IP cameras only having LAN access, I think it would be great if you could offer other options for the "Standard" license more in line with the fact that there is already the 10 user free license, i.e. standard 15 user @ $109.95 and standard 25 user @ $199.95
And as a side note, it would ease my guilt of using such a great product by being able to upgrade to a useful licensed version rather than using it for free
(I am a software developer and know the time and effort put into products like this, and really appreciate your seemingly endless passion to help people!)
Just my $0.02

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Re: Free license increased to 10 users

Postby adrien » Oct 22 17 11:38 am

Hi Chad

thanks for your comments and your ongoing support

There are still some people who for whatever reason need to purchase the 6 user and even 3 user licenses, for example if they are running WinGate 6, or if they need to extend another license by 3 or 6 users, since the free 10 user license can't increase the license count of any other license.

We did use to have the full size-range of license for Standard, but they really didn't move, once people got to a bigger site that needed a bigger license they tended to want the Pro or Enterprise features, so we removed those SKUs to simplify / reduce the number of licenses.


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